As a composer, I write for my own ensembles and on comission for other musicians and ensembles. My music is on the borderline between modern timbre jazz and contemporary music. The friction between tonal and non tonal music is a landscape I find interesting. I still hunt for my ultimate personal expression.  Perhaps I will never find it, but I will always be looking for new musical avenues, for sure. Here you will find many of my compositions. I urge you to use headphones while you listen, for a better experience. Enjoy!

Complicated Dreams (2021). Solo piano. (Film: Ingeborg Thorsland)

Everything Sings – part 1 (2020). Composed for glass and porcelain.

«Sneak, fly, run, dive» (2018)

Composed for solo piano, played by Trond Schau.

 «Kveldar» (Vesaas/Omenås, 2014)

«Kveldar» (1931) is a very nice poem by the known norwegian poet Halldis Moren Vesaas. I compose this melody for the singer Åshild Skiri Refsdal.

«Så innderleg ein Raud Tråd» (Kaldhol/Omenås, 2014)

Commissioned by Ålesund Theater Festival. Lyrics and reading by Marit Kaldhol, Guitar by Audun Skorgen and composition, trumpet and percussion by Stian Omenås.

«Haiku på Jacu» (Ruset/Omenås, 2014)

Commissioned by Ålesund Theater Festival. Lyrics and reading by Endre Ruset, improvisations by Stian Omenås. This is a part of a Japanese Tea Ceremony-inspired show, «Haiku på Jacu».

1982, A/B (Hubro/Grappa), 2014

The drummer Øyvind Skarbø and his trio 1982 asked me if I could compose some music to put on top of already existing improvised music. A fanny and new idea. I like it and sayd yes. Here is the result. 1982 is Nils Økland, Sigbjørn Apeland and Øyvind Skarbø. My composition is for 5 windinstrument. The clarinet is playing by Fredrik Ljungkvist. Recorded and mixed at Rainbow Studio by Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Interview about the process:


Commissioned by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. I´m so happy for doing this project with this fantastic ensemble in Hong Kong, May 2013. The composition is a mix between downwritten music and improvisation. The plan is to play it again, in Asia and also in Europe. HKNME is 7 musician together with my impro-trio Parallax.

«Mapping the air» (2013)

Commissioned music for the short-film «Mapping the air» by film produser Maria Lloyd.

Jugendfeber (2012)

Commissioned by Jugendstilsenteret in Ålesund and Den kulturelle skolesekken in Møre og Romsdal. Inger Bakke (actress), Karstein Solli (regi), Solveig Fagermo (scenography), Stian Omenås (music).

A short documentary about the process:

«G» (2012)

4 minute piece for solo violin. Commissioned by Møllebyen Literature Festival in Moss. Premiered by Terje Moe Hansen, 8/18/2012.

«Krigen som setter spor i oss» (2011)

A cycle with 6 solo pieces for clarinet, played by Mats Lemjan. Commissioned by Møllebyen Literature Festival. The theme for the festival and the piece is war.

Performed by Mats Lemjan at Møllebyen Litteraturfestival 2011

Video: Urfremføring under Møllebyen Litteraturfestival

«Skaun Storband» (2010)

Commissioned by Skaun Big Band to their 20-year anniversary.

«Del Piero» (2010)

Musikk for Windorchestra.

Music for Animation-film (2009)

Project from Bergen in 2009.

Frå Null til Tull (2008)

Music for poems written by Marit Kaldhol. Commissioned by «Den Kulturelle Skolesekken» in  Møre og Romsdal. A music and theater show aimed for children from 6-12 years. Still performing in the west part of Norway, by Inger Bakke (vocal), Stian Omenås (trumpet/percussion) and Audun Skorgen (guitar).

Ballad where the singers dreaming about the moon:

Mannen i månen

Strykekvartett nr. 1 «Paris» (2008)

Commissioned work for Ålesund Stringqartet, from the Premiere at Kube in Ålesund, september 2008.

1st movement

2nd movement

3rd movement

4th movement

5th movement

6th movement

Video: Sats nr 2/Omenås Musikkfestival 2009.

Curiosity (2005)

Commission work for the International Peace student festival, ISFIT in Trondheim. Mini-symfonietta consisting of jazz and classical musicians from the University of Music at NTNU in Trondheim. The singer is Marita Røstad. The recording is from the premiere in Trondheim in 2005.

sats 1

sats 2

sats 3

sats 4

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